Tape #1 - Open Bowls
Turning an open bowl using the 'Signature' gouge with the "Ellsworth grind"; sharpening gouges; faceplate designs, function and usage; jam chucks and sanding.

Tape #2 - Shop Stuff
Lathe modifications; vacuum chucks; methods for heating and cooling the workshop; dust collection; workshop lighting; plus, the "Flexion" section.

Tape #3 -Hollow Turning
Hollow Turning. David Ellsworth's classic method of bringing the log to the lathe and turning a hollow form. Includes: Centering; roughing-out; shear-cutting with the 'Signature' gouge using the "Ellsworth grind"; sanding wet wood; finishing; cutting interior with bent tools; measuring wall thickness and depth; jam chuck designs for finishing the base; polishing.

Tape 'T'- Tools for Hollow Turning
A complete guide to usage of hollow turning tools made by David Ellsworth. Includes: History of "Blind Turning" and Ellsworth's bent turning tools; sharpening; making tool handles; correct body positions; cutting the interior of a hollow form with bent and straight tools; measuring wall thickness.

Ellsworth 'Signature' Gouge and Sharpening Jig
A cut-by-cut exploration of the versatile 'Signature' gouge that has been David Ellsworth's tool of choice since 1982. This tape details outside and inside roughing cuts; exterior 'shearing' cuts; interior finishing cuts; shaping the base; and how to enter the rim and cut to the center of the bowl in one pass. Also includes cutting the rim of a natural topped bowl and details of sharpening with the Ellsworth Sharpening Jig. This is a MUST tape for any turner exploring the use of this unique gouge.

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