I designed these tools to turn hollow forms up to about 9" high and 10" diameter. The cutting tips are 10% Cobalt high speed steel, and held into the shafts with Super-Glue so there's no set screw to corrode or clog with dust…simply heat with a propane torch to remove and replace the tips.

Each tool comes with an extra tip and instructions for tip replacement and sharpening. Also included are suggestions for turning the handles for good balance, how to use the tools, and the do's and don't's of turning inside a hollow form. In addition, my "T" Tape, listed in the video section, gives a complete visual description of how to use these tools…plus much more information on hollow turning.

Hundreds of students in my woodturning school have used these tools. Also, I make these tools totally by myself, so I'm confident they're both functional and versatile. In fact, these are the primary hollowing tools I use on my own work.

Anyone who has turned with the Ellsworth 'Signature' Gouge, or have seen me use it in demonstrations, understands the beauty and versatility of this wonderful tool. However, maintaining it's unique tip shape is not always that easy.

I have designed this simple sharpening jig to solve this very problem. The jig works on any size of grinding wheel from 6" to 8". It comes with instructions on how to make and set up the sliding arm (not included), plus illustrations on what the shape looks like and how to correct problems if they should arise. Made of solid aluminum, it will last a lifetime. And, yes, I use it myself…every time.

I am proud to be a distributor of the most user-friendly, versatile, finest made, wood lathes I’ve ever used!

Designed and hand-built to order by Brent English in Barneveld, Wisconsin, ROBUST lathes have been developed through consultation with myself and other professional woodturners in order to draw together the finest elements that turners need in a superior machine.

Primary features include: Stainless steel ways, hardened steel ‘Comfort’ tool rests, Tilt-Away tailstocks, Leeson motors, fully adjustable legs for both height and leveling, power-coated enamel finish, seven-year guarantee on everything…including bearings.

If you’re looking to purchase the lathe of a lifetime, these are truly the last wood lathes you’ll ever need! I own six of them, so make an appointment and come see them in my studio.


American Beauty - Designed for bowls, vessels and spindles: 25” diameter x 32” length capacity; 2 & 3hp motors; 28” wide foot tread; sliding headstock with double-post locking rods; Tilt-Away tailstock; outboard turning attachment is available.

Sweet 16 - Designed for bowls and spindles: 16” diameter x 24” length capacity (standard bed length), expandable to 42” long using the built-in 18” long bed extension; removing bed extension allows 30” diameter x 12” high bowl/platter capacity; 1 ½ & 2hp motors; 30” wide foot tread; short, standard and long beds available.

Scout – The newest model lathe from Robust is the Scout, which offers 11” diameter inboard capacity and a universal stand with the same quality control and ergonomic design as all Robust models…and don’t forget the seven year all-around guarantee on all Robust machines!

For detailed listing of features, go to: http://www.turnrobust.com/lathe-overview/

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